I'm Blaze Fae Skye, a real Border Collie who lives near Portree with 'Dad' (co-author of THE MAGIC FLAG MYSTERY), and my wee brother Laoch. The adventures in the books are fictional, but the locations and many of the characters, like me, are real.

The stories in THE MAGIC FLAG MYSTERY (Book 1) and THE DINOSAUR MYSTERY (Book 2) are aimed at the 7-11 age range, but are written in such a way that adults can enjoy the adventures too. It looks like lots of copies of the books have been read by Mums & Dads, Grannies & Grandpas, and Aunties & Uncles, before the presents reached the birthday boys and girls!

THE MAGIC FLAG MYSTERY is the first book in the BLAZE DOG DETECTIVE SERIES, and is available in paperback via independent bookshops (please support them), Waterstones in the UK, and from Amazon UK.

ISBN : 978-1838038007

Outwith the UK, THE MAGIC FLAG MYSTERY paperback can be purchased on other Amazon stores, including Amazon USAAmazon Canada, and Amazon Australia.

The eBook versions of THE MAGIC FLAG MYSTERY and THE DINOSAUR MYSTERY are available on Kindle:-


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